Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Hyphen HomeSight?

    Hyphen HomeSight uses industry-leading home building virtual design software. Your customers now have the power to design their dream home using your new home options and selections with ease, expediting the home buying process. Customers will be able to see their selections come to life in real-time, creating excitement and eliminating some of the stress during the process. Watch your lead to sales conversions increase by providing your customers this visual tool.

  • What is a home building virtual design software, and how can it benefit the Home Builder?

    HomeSight is home building virtual design software, a computer-aided design tool that empowers your prospective homebuyers to craft realistic renditions of their dream homes. This online home visualization software enables your future homebuyers to design their homes, offering a wider array of design choices and the opportunity to envision themselves in their prospective residences. This, in turn, facilitates the selection of more design options. Builders can leverage this technology to reduce costs by eliminating protracted sales processes and the need for in-person design centers. HomeSight streamlines the design selection process by transitioning it online, leading to a more efficient and effective sales cycle. Furthermore, it supports better business decisions through data-driven insights

  • What does Hyphen HomeSight integrate in?

    Hyphen HomeSight can be integrated with Hyphen CRM (customer relationship management) helping you manage leads, while improving the probability of lead to contract conversions. Watch your lead to sales conversions increase by providing your customers this visual tool.

  • How accurate are the material and color representations in the visualizer compared to real-life finishes?

    Our team works directly with the manufactures of each product to ensure accurate representation of all your home colors, finishes, options and fixtures allowing for revenue from increased and premium option selections.

  • What types of customizations are available in Hyphen HomeSight?

    By taking your design center online, you can easily update and track which features are presented to your customers including structural options, elevations, exterior and interior finishes, fixtures, flooring, appliances and more.

  • How does Hyphen HomeSight work?

    Hyphen HomeSight’s options are customizable as well as the process, to fit your business model. Collaborate with our experts to accurately depict your design choices and color preferences. Our efficient implementation spans 2-4 months, enabling you to swiftly integrate this visual tool into your sales process and boost new home sales.

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