8 Interior Floor Design Ideas to Implement in Your Next Project

Industry research shows that the global flooring market was worth $388.24 billion in 2020 and is likely to grow at a CAGR of 6.1% from 2021 to 2028. It also suggests that homeowners are increasingly leaning toward aesthetic floor designs besides well-insulated, easy-to-install and low-maintenance flooring materials.  While Hyphen HomeSight can certainly help homebuyers visualize […]

6 Model Home Interior Design Tips for Builders

A recent NAR survey suggests: 82% of real estate agents believe that staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize a property as their future home. Further, if a house is decorated according to buyer preferences, it positively impacts its perceived value.  It’s safe to assume there’s a similar relation between the value of a […]

person holding tablet visualizing home design

How to Create Virtual House Plans: A Quick Guide

Home design has undergone quite a bit of change in the last few years — even though Home Building and real estate, in general, have been slow to adopt digital transformation.  Advances in design software and technology have transformed home planning into a collaborative process involving Builders, designers and prospective homeowners. Besides CAD drawings, buyers […]