7 Benefits of Using Visualization Technology in the Sales Process

June 2022: This article originally appeared in Metal Roofing Magazine

Virtual home design software is an extremely effective bridge between the “shopping and thinking about a project” to the final decision to buy. In particular, this is a game changer for the home construction and building supply industries where projects have decades-long lifespans.

“The life-like views and virtual design approach instill confidence that the customer will love living with the project for decades.”

How does this happen? For the customer, they enjoy an interactive way to select and instantly view photographic outcomes of every color, material and design option with a few clicks. It engages the customer in a self-serve manner from any device and simplifies selections and design all in a convenient experience. For the Supplier, sales convert more often and faster as critical purchase decisions are expedited and design center time is reduced by two-thirds. Utilizing virtual design tools and digital product catalogs and samples also means less investment in physical samples and models, which saves money while giving an enhanced customer experience….” Read the full article here.

Virtual home design in different times of day

See a synopsis of the benefits the Chameleon visualization technology delivers to the sales approach and see more details in the article.

1. Reach More Buyers Anytime and Anyplace.
2. Give Wow Moments with an Interactive Visualization Experience.
3. Capture and Convert More Leads.
4. Build Project Confidence and Close More Sales.
5. Shorten the Selection and Design Process by 67%.
6. Increase Profit with Virtual Design.
7. Integrated Technology Streamlines Back-Office Processes.

Every Hyphen Solutions virtual design technology delivers an ideal experience while showcasing all color, finish, material and design options in instant life-like outcomes. Watch the video above to experience a next-generation 3D metal building color visualizer and learn more about interactive 2D, 3D, VR/AR and AI-based photo-upload tools for any device at hshomesight.com/supplier/.

collage image of virtual home designs

About Hyphen Solutions™

Twenty-one of the top 26 North American Home Builders trust Hyphen Solutions as a reliable software in the residential construction management industry. Hyphen’s software-as-a-service delivers greater operational control, better communication, lower costs and increased productivity for Home Builders, Contractors and Suppliers. Over 14,500 Supplier companies across the United States and Canada subscribe to Hyphen’s comprehensive Home Builder and Supply Chain solutions, making the company the leading cloud-based residential construction management software provider. The Hyphen Network serves 700 builder divisions. In 2021, the system helped manage nearly 360,000 new home construction projects. Visit www.hyphensolutions.com to learn more about the collaborative platform.

Chameleon Power is Now a Part of Hyphen Solutions

Hyphen Solutions recently acquired Chameleon Power to deliver the most advanced software solutions to the home construction and residential building supply industries. This powerful synergy offers the most complete solution for the sales and building process by adding Chameleon’s virtual design experience to Hyphen’s leading Home Builder and Supply Chain solutions. Visit www.chameleonpower.com.

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